About Us


Our founder, Ananya Sadh has grown up in a family with a history of business ownership in garment manufacturing and export. While completing her masters in Marketing and Strategy from the University of Warwick she was also working in the production and marketing department of her family business. This is when Ananya noticed an existing gap in India’s kidswear fashion. Through field testing, she got an insight into the existing gap and realised the importance of designing clothes that cater to your imaginative, innocent and adventurous children.

Therefore, she started Sweetlime, a kids clothing brand that designs trendy and sustainable fashion, making use of fabrics like organic cotton and Tencel denim. The brand focuses on making designs that are one of a kind to make your children stand out as they feel confident, comfortable and look adorable.

As parents, you seek nothing but the best for your kids. They grow up fast, and as they do, the clothing that they wear impacts their personalities, mood and confidence. However, while they are still young they depend on you to make the right decisions for them. With this idea, we create soft, unique, sustainable collections that assimilate with your child’s growing personality.

At Sweetlime, the clothes are not only organic, sustainable and of the highest quality, but are also soft and provide great comfort to allow your children to freely explore the world around them as they learn, play and grow. By infusing global fashion trends with skilled craftsmanship, our designers ensure that every garment is unique and classy. Our production method, therefore, puts us at par with international clothing brands.

While our product is of international standards, it is still a #MakeInIndia brand which makes us proud as we support local development while providing top quality, sustainable kids clothing to our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make an inclusive brand that is conscious of everyone's choice. We combine aesthetic styles with sensible functionality that is essential to contributing the essence of innocence, wonder and zeal for exploration which is a key part of Childhood. We make sustainable kids clothing, using fabrics like organic cotton and Tencel denim which is soft on your kid's skin and allows them to freely play, learn and grow. Kids clothing is often an overlooked part that can be integral to how they interact with their surroundings, how they move, learn and play.

Our Vision

The worsening climate and environmental conditions are one of the biggest issues in the world now. As global citizens, we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that we do our part in increasing the practices of reuse, reduction, and recycling in India. We do so by providing kids clothing made of organic cotton and Tencel denim. Our packaging is also recyclable and reusable. We firmly believe sustainability is the only way forward.

Women Empowerment

Even though the fashion industry is largely directed towards women, the industry is far from being equal. Adhering to the United Nations sustainable development Goal 10, we aim to reduce inequality in the fashion sector. We provide women workers with an opportunity to provide for themselves and be financially independent. We ensure that we create an environment that helps them feel empowered and valued. We hope to make our consumers feel proud and content as they invest in a brand that is actively seeking to help create a better and sustainable world.